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两天没睡觉将论文修改完毕,终于在今天,离deadline的最后15分钟前将它发了出去,呼,剩下的就是求神拜佛了…..让它通过吧 呵呵….





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"All over you, now"

从今天开始记录我们的一点一滴,YOU & ME.

2009年3月25日 18时55分

2009年3月25日 20时50分

and you are the right one,




I promise…


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tibette.com crissu又为星期天下午的问题作了补充
JB & Lu and RS Q&A Sunday afternoon part II

Question: If all of you would have the opportunity to work together again, would you and what kinda project would you like it to be?

The scene that followed this question on stage was so funny Jennifer said that she would love to do some kind of a cowgirl movie and I think that she also made a reference to Brokeback Mountain, only with ladies And then Rachel looked at her and asked her if she would like to wear the hat and placed it on Jennifer’s head. Jennifer looked soo cute with it and kept arranging it on top of her amazing hair Then Rachel said that she would love to make something else but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was but somebody from the audience yelled Charlie’s Angels! (I was still staring at JB with the cute hat ) and then Rachel said yeah, that was fun! and JB said… yeah, for you… I would be Charlie! which would mean we’d never see her, only hear her voice Then Laurel said that she would have to stick with her partner (JB ) cause she would also love to do a cowgirl movie. And said that both her and Jennifer can ride a horse but what would british lady Rachel do in the cowgirl movie she doesn’t know And then Rachel said I’ll ride a donkkkeeyyyy! and started making these hopping riding movements which was totally hysterical and cracked Jennifer up sooo hard, she just guffawed

Question: A girl from Korea asked Jennifer about her TLW promo trip to Japan and if she’d ever do one in Korea

Jennifer talked about how Japan is a traditionally pre-homophobic country and that she saw maybe 2 gay bars in Tokyo but the whole trip was a great experience for her. And though little of the community can be seen on the surface, the dvd-sales in Japan went through the roof after her trip. And if opportunity ever rose she would love to do another promo trip, for example, to Korea. Then here Jennifer passed the cowboy hat on to Laurel for wearing who put it on and looked like the hottest cowgirl ever, especially in those jeans And then Laurel said that she had thought about wearing her chaps for this Q&A but Rachel had talked her out of it And Rachel said, yeah, I told her that no one would want to see Laurel wearing her chaps which I thought was a reference to Jenny’s – no! no one would ever want to see Nina having sex! in season 5 eppie 2 Laurel was like oh… I thought it would’ve looked cool But then she adjusted the hat on her head and said that she feels like enough of a cowgirl anyway and feels like doing this – brought her sexy jean-clad legs up in the air in front of Rachel and clicked her heels together and then once more on the other side.

Question: a girl talked about how we have dreamed of a tibette wedding and if it will happen in season 5?

Jennifer mimicked locking her lips and throwing the key over her shoulder and Laurel pulled the cowboy hat over her eyes. Audience cracked up They of course couldn’t say anything but said to take it up with Ilene… and mentioned the possibilities if we got a TLW movie, who knows.

Question: A lady got up and apologized if the next question is boring to Laurel and Rachel, it is only for Jennifer and asked Jennifer about her training for the triathlons and what motivates her?

This was hilarious again because as soon as the lady said that the question is only for Jennifer, Rachel put her head on Laurel’s shoulder and Laurel hers on top of Rachel’s head and mimicked sleeping Then the audience cracked up again and Laurel and Rachel “woke” up and started playing patty-cake and Jennifer was just helplessly laughing along with us looking at them and commented that these two should have their own comedy show Jennifer then talked about her training, she said that starting up, for her, it was simply a matter of train or perish. About programs, she said there are many great ones available on the net and you just gotta keep at it, but once you get into the groove, it can also be very addicting in addition to being fun and there is the danger of over-training. She said that the best motivation for her is linking the triathlon with charity so that when the alarm goes off at 05:30 or some ungodly hour and the bed looks so warm and cozy, she gets up with the thought that – it’s not about me, it’s about somebody else The next question was veeeery difficult to understand, English was not the first language for the girl but to begin with she started… Jennifer and Rachel, I love you both… but I have to say, Laurel, I absolutely adore you. Laurel’s face at this moment was amazing, I think she blushed a bit and got this really shy, adorable look on her face and said thank you in an emotional tone of voice. Jennifer and Rachel were just looking at Laurel with these lovely smiles on their faces, it was a really nice moment. Then the girl went on to talk about her and her girlfriend and like I said it was not easy to understand for the guests or the audience but basically from what I understood, they had been together for years and she is gay and the girlfriend is bi and the girl was just trying to say thank you to Laurel for doing an awesome job with the season 3 and 4 going back to men storyline because it helped her to understand her partner better in terms of choosing to be with her when she could have had the easier, accepted lifestyle with a male partner and other issues she has to deal with. Laurel said thank you to the girl because it had been a complex storyline but now she can understand better that it really was important to explore it on the show.

Question: Somebody asked Jennifer one of the infamous WHY’s – why cheat with Candace?

Jennifer was like hmm… the carpenter… but before she could say anything Rachel piped in with this questioning look on her face – cause she was hot??? which was hilarious cause it cracked Jennifer and Laurel up and in turn the audience and if I remember correctly, we didn’t get a better answer, we were all just laughing.

Question: A question about the John Lennon & Yoko On famous photo pose scene from season 5 finale when Tina is comforting Bette on the bed after the Hammer museum event, Tina’s body language is really rigid and her right hand is caressing Bette’s hair but her lift is in a fist, it looks like she is really angry, was she?

Laurel was wooh, you ladies really do notice everything! She says that she thinks that Tina was not so much angry as feeling guilty at that moment, guilty because of the way things happened. And said that sometimes when doing a scene, you move around or are positioned in some really awkward ways for the scene to work and the director just goes –freeze! and you lock your body and try to hold it because the director assures you that it will look amazing on screen. Laurel mimicked freezing here which was really funny And said that she doesn’t remember making a fist in that scene but maybe she was holding on to the bed sheet or something to balance her body.

Question: Tina’s background, will we see more in season 6?

Laurel said that yes, it will be discussed but can’t really say anything more. But she did confirm that there is an adoption storyline.

Question: A girl asked a cool question, she said to imagine a parallel universe where they are all gay, who would they marry? And joked that they can’t say her cause in that parallel universe she would be totally not gay.

Laurel said that she would marry Tina Fey and Jennifer said Kelly Lynch, whom she would make dress up as Ivan from time to time Rachel said that she’s totally crushing on Beyonce right now, it’s like she can’t escape her, everywhere she goes, she sees her

Question: A girl asked Laurel that we know from a previous con that she has kissed Angelina Jolie and who did she like kissing better, her or Jennifer Beals?

Audience cheered and whistled here of course and they all were kinda looking around smiling on the stage and then Laurel asked in a sexy low voice, well what do you think? and the fan is like, I know what I think but I wanna know what you think! Laurel just smiled for a moment and then said, well what do you think? Jennifer Beals! And then added, how was that even a question? Insert huge clapping and cheers and wolf whistles from the audience here.

Question: Somebody expressed sadness over the show ending and I think that the question was something like if there is any way to save it?

They said that there is no way of saving the show but mentioned the movie again which is a very real possibility.

Question: To all the ladies, how did The L Word change your lives?

This was the most emotional moment of Sunday, Jennifer answered first. Right away you could see that this was a deeply personal question for her, she talked a bit about how she hadn’t been political at all before The L Word and teared up when she said that all of her life she has identified as “other” and becoming involved with The L Word and getting to know this community of people, she felt an instant connection to us for we are also often categorized as “other”. She tried not to start crying and made a joke about forgetting her tissues this time so Laurel very graciously took this pinkish tablecloth off the small table next to her and handed it to Jennifer who dabbed her eyes with it. It was such a cute and also sad moment so one of the girls from the audience walked up to the stage holding up a little tissue packet in her hand and Jennifer stood up, walked to the front of the stage and took it But then Jennifer really choked up when she said that not a very long time ago her own existence would have been considered illegal… (here I think she was talking about the racial segregation in the US and the legal banning of interracial marriages which wasn’t fully lifted in the US until the Supreme Court ruling in Loving v. Virginia in 1967…1967!!! I urge you ladies to read a bit about this historical civil rights case to better understand why Jennifer felt so emotional here and drew parallels to the gay community’s struggle for equal rights). Rachel and Laurel were both looking very emotional too watching and listening to Jennifer and the cowboy hat which had made it’s way back to Rachel by that time was then handed to Jennifer again who put it on her head and used it like an emotional balancer cause she said that the hat is so cheery. She said that talking about this here with us is like the cheapest form of therapy for her and also hearing the many wonderful, personal stories that so many of the people have shared with her here and altogether during her time on the show…here she started to tear up again thinking about it and took a couple deep breaths and then tried to concentrate on the hat. She touched the little feathers around the rim of it and said with this half-forced cheerfulness – feathers! I feel so gay! That helped relieve the intenseness of the moment and many people in the audience who had teared up right along with Jennifer, laughed. And then to finish up, Jennifer said that of course there were other things that The L Word taught her – like for instance, dental dams! She didn’t know what those were before and she was just thinking, how do they do that? It was really funny Rachel also talked about how the show had changed her, she had also become more political thanks to it and become aware of so many issues that she hadn’t given much thought to before. Then it was Laurel’s turn and I think that listening to Jennifer so freely and honestly sharing her deepest emotions with us made her emotional as well and made her want to open up more on a personal level too. She started by sharing with us some of what her life had been like before The L Word, she used the word transient describing it because she had moved so many times before the show, all sorts of places in the US, New York, Chicago, doing some small-budget movie in Timbuktu. She said that she hadn’t been in a relationship for years before she met her husband Paul and had been living this kind of fleeting life, not putting down roots anywhere. And then she got the part of Tina and right after the pilot she got her very first house and many of the things happening to her paralleled Tina’s life, like wanting to start a family which coincided totally. And then half-joked that with the new adoption storyline on the 6th season and Laurel’s adoption of a baby girl a while ago, Rose Troche had sworn to her that they weren’t stealing ideas from Laurel’s life for the show Laurel also talked about how the show has given her emotional security in so many ways and she has met so many people from the community over the years and at the conventions and I think that all the memories hit her here thinking about it and her voice started to tremble and she teared up too and took a break from talking And Jennifer just wordlessly took the hat off her head and handed it over to Laurel who put it on her head. It was adorable Laurel then went on saying that she doesn’t deal well with things ending in her life and good-byes altogether, she made a reference to her parents divorce and said that she just has a tendency to close herself and her emotions off and act like it’s not a big deal. But The L Word was a huge part of her life for 6 years and it really has changed her in so many ways

jb&lu&rs的Q&A,星期天下午,part 2

jb说她乐意去拍一部女牛仔的电影.认为最好只和女孩子们在Brokebackm 山那边拍.(这不是女版断背山吗?)rs看着她,问她是否愿意戴这顶帽子(就是照片中那顶粉色的),说着就把它戴在jb头上了.帽子戴在jb头上特别cute.
然后rs说她乐意做一些其它的,但她也搞不清是什么,但有些观众叫喊着charlie’s angels(看来人们对那段还记忆犹新),rs说是啊,很有趣哈!jb说是啊,偶还是charlie呢!(虽然剧中没有,只有声音)

Q:一个来自韩国的女孩问jb,TLW promo trip到过日本,是否有意来韩国?(怎么没人问什么时候能来中国)
jb说了日本怎么开始形成les团体的雏形,她知道可能在东京有两个gay bars.对她来说那次拜访是很好的体验.虽然从表面看来只是一个小团体,但在那次拜访后,dvd销售地异常火暴.如果有机会的话很乐意到韩国去.
然后jb让lu也戴下帽子,看谁戴得更象hottest女牛仔,特别是lu穿着牛仔裤,然后lu说她应该穿皮裤,但rs叫她拿下帽子,说是啊,偶告诉过她没人要看lu穿皮裤,这jenny最确定了.用了电视剧里的那句台词,不,不,不,没人想看nina having sex!于是lu表现得,不是吧的样子,挺cool的.然后她调整了下帽子,说觉得自己很象女牛仔,在rs面前翘着腿碰了下脚跟,然后又换了条腿.




Q:一个问题有关第五季最后,John lennon&Yoko(甲克虫乐队的这种事也知道?太厉害了)的经典动作被用到了.当时是在那个晚会后tina在床上安慰bette,tina 的身体语言表现得很刚强,她右手爱抚地拨着b的头发,但她左手握着拳,看上去很生气,是不是?(天啊,观察得如此细微,不说,偶都不知道,当时只觉得jb 那动作很怪..)


lu说她会嫁给tina fey而jb说是kelly lynch她必须穿得象是ivan.rs说她现在完全被beyonce倾倒.意思是要她走到哪,她得跟到哪,

Q:一个女孩问lu偶们知道你上次已经和angelina jolie结过吻了,你觉得和jb比,哪个好?


Q:想问你们,the l word是如何改变你们的生活的?
jb第一个回答,这是一个很感人的星期天.对她来说,这个问题很私人化,她说了在the l word之前没有政治倾向.哭着说,她把”other”(指les团体)看成自己,并融入到the l word,而且去认识这团体中的人们.她觉得自已和所谓”other”有了直接联系.她试着不哭,开了个好象没带纸巾的玩笑,这时lu把身边的那台粉红色的桌布拿起来,交给jb去擦泪水.这太有意思了,就在那悲伤一刻,一个观众中的女孩,手里拿着纸巾走上舞台,于是站着的jb,走上前去拿了.

接着jb真正哽咽起来,她说她曾经一度认为自己的出生是非法的.(指1967年前,不同种族人是不能结婚的.)rs和lu都感动地看着jb,倾听着她的话,她说她在这里说这些,就象作廉价的心理治疗,她在这里分享了很多,美好的其它人的私人故事,一起观注电视剧.于是她想到这,又一次哭泣了,作了几次深呼吸,然后把注意力放在帽子上.她碰了碰边缘的羽毛,好象快活了点.–羽毛,偶感觉很gay.这使她缓解,很多观众也和jb一起哭泣一起笑.结束时,jb说the l word还教给她一些其他的事–象instance,dental dams(指那些les用的性用具),她说她以前都不知道,她想了想说,她们是怎么用的呢(很有趣).


然后是lu,由于jb先前那样真诚的分享她的感情,所以使她也更想更私人化地述说自己感想.她讲了些在the l word之前的生活,她简短地描述了她已经很多次搬家,在美国new york,chiacgo,还在Timbuktu,那里她拍了些小成本的电影.在遇到她丈夫paul前她从没有一个很长时间的恋爱关系.只是喜欢短暂的生活,也不想落地生根.然而自从扮演了tina,在pilot后,她有了自己的第一座房子,发生了很多事来源于tina的生活.比如说想要开始一个家庭.比如有点玩笑式的,在第六季有收养路线,而lu在不久前收养了个女婴,rose troche警告她不要再抄袭剧中tina的生活.lu还说了电视剧给她在很多地方有了安全感,以及这几年认识了很多来自那团体的人们.在 converntions,因为所有的回记一下子感染了她,她的声音有些颤抖,她也哭了,于是停了下来没说话.此时jb一句也没说,把帽子脱了下来,交给 lu,让她戴上,很可爱.

lu然后说,在生活,她没有把事处理妥当和所有人再见,她说到她父母离婚,她想把自己封闭起来,然而她举止看上去好象没什么大不了.但在the l word的6年,占据了她生命中的一大部分,在很多方面上改变了她.

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A bit more from the amazing Laurelfan on OC

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“I saw Laurel kiss Jennifer’s cheek and say something in her ear. I didn’t see Jennifer just because her head was behind Laurel’s, it was hard to see.

The place was crazy by that time, everyone was standing up and cheering, some fans were crying, many people were standing up and crowding in front of the stage taking pictures.

It was so touching how Jennifer kept going with her “thank you” to Laurel, even after they finished hugging and obviously so emotional, crying and everything. She said “You’re amazing. I wouldn’t have been as happy with anyone else. I mean it.” It was the last thing said before they left the stage together. It somehow seemed so fitting that they honored each other in such a way, with the fans as part of it.”

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一步 又一步



爱情 我的爱情 痴傻的这份爱
愚蠢的我 明知道你会离开

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Linda Bergkvist

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“What advanced me the most with my digital work was when I figured out that I could try all of the things that I was far too shy to do on traditional canvas.”

She is an award-winning artist from Sweden whose digital paintings have been featured widely including Master and Excellence awrds in the EXPOSE series.Linda is also co-author of d’artiste Digital Painting where along with three other artists she delves into her own style and techniques in the way she approaches her art.Linda is as much a storyteller as an artist with an evocatinv illustration style featuring mystical settings and stnning characters.Though she studied English with the intention of becoming a teacher,Linda cut her studies short to work as an illustrator.Linda now spends her time as a comic book colorist,a part-time theacher of Photoshop at a local university,and as a freelancer.

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