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JB & Lu and RS Q&A Sunday afternoon, part I

All three appeared on stage and got a huge applause of course. Rachel was wearing this very cute pink cowboy hat with little feathers surrounding the rim of it and KISS ME QUICK written on the front, she looked adorable She took a few quick steps and sat next to Jennifer before Laurel got to the seats and looked very pleased with herself for getting to sit between tibette

After they had all sat down, Jennifer started up with “Rachel owes you an orgasm” referring to yesterday’s Q&A. And Rachel delivered which was funnnnyyyy

Question: Describe Leisha with one word and how is it working with her?

Laurel said that it’s very difficult to describe Leisha with just one word but would have to say that she’s a true renaissance woman. She can do absolutely anything, she’s an amazing actress, singer, you can give her a 10 page monologue and she’ll deliver it perfectly an hour later. She is also the queen of improvisation and an incredible comedic talent.
Jennifer added that she’s also a decent carpenter… a carpenter!
Laurel said that she had seen Leisha before in “All Over Me” and thought she was just amazing. Then Laurel went in to audition for the part of Tina, saw Leisha in the bathroom and thought – oh god, don’t be auditioning for Tina or I’m fcuked!

Question: Somebody asked why didn’t the smoke alarm go off during the stir fry sex scene cause Bette had left all the food cooking and what happened to all the food?

Jennifer said that the pot and pan probably had to be thrown out afterwards and that the alarm did go off but for a totally different reason

Question: How much could the actresses influence the storylines?

Jennifer said that Ilene has always had a very open door policy and also a pretty clear vision where she wants the storyline to go but the dialogue was often altered in different ways when somebody improvised a line during a scene that they just felt would work better in that moment. During 6 years they all got to know their characters very well.
Laurel added a little tidbit about sex scenes that you could always tell when Ilene was very happy with one cause she would walk in the door with this huge smile on her face And say – beautiful work!

Question: What was Bette thinking/feeling during the throw-down scene with Jodie in season 5?

Jennifer said that Bette was feeling… ashamed, for what she was doing behind Jodie’s back… afraid… confused… and angry at Jodie – why couldn’t you be the person I needed you to be to get over this other person in my life? A very emotionally complex scene.

Question: Would you consider doing another series?

Jennifer said yes, why not, if it’s a really good character and the series would be something that she believed in, because she couldn’t dedicate herself to something for like 6 years if she didn’t believe in it. And added that it would be kinda hard though cause she is a bit spoiled now after the wonderful crew that she got to work with on The L Word.
They all talked more about being spoiled for having done a series on cable, about all the feature directors they had doing the episodes so that every episode felt like a mini movie vs doing a movie where sometimes a director comes in, takes the script and kinda traffic cuts their way through it. They talked about the different layers of a relationship, the freedom to explore all the different aspects and stages of it while doing a series vs a movie when you just do a few intimate scenes with another actor / actress and have to develop a kind of a background story for the couple and the storyline in your head and just really think it through for yourself in order to give the part your best.

Question: We never saw Bette and Tina grieve for the loss of their son, did they? Sometimes it felt like he was just forgotten.

Jennifer said that no, he was not forgotten and that Bette & Tina probably did grieve for him in private and always will. And Laurel added that the birth of a new baby probably helped to start healing some of the wounds and for the sake of all of them they had to do their best to try and move on.

Question: Jennifer was asked if Bette ever saw the other sculpture that Jodie was working on before going all vengeful and presenting the video installment instead?

Jennifer was soooo cute here trying to make sense of what she was being asked and said that we ladies notice and remember all the details a lot better than her Then Laurel and Rachel tried to make sense of it too and got to the season 5 artist dinner at Jodie’s and the sculpture Jodie showed to the others on the roof while B&T were having their moment in the kitchen Then Jennifer was like yeah! that sculpture and Rachel said that it was the video installment. Jennifer was like, noooo, Bette didn’t see the video installment until the Hammer Museum event and Rachel was like noooo, it was a different kind of video installment, like a tribute to Bette that Jodie eventually changed into a kind of mockery of Bette after she found out about Bette and Tina. And Jennifer was again like, noooo, why would that video installment be up on the roof? Rachel was like I don’t know! That’s just how I understood it And then Laurel turned to the audience and said – and that’s why a relationship between these two would never work! making everybody crack up It was really funny

JB and Lu Q&A Saturday afternoon, part II

Question: About the basketball scene in season 4, how much was improvised?

They said that pretty much all of it was scripted and choreographed but some of the shots at the basket were improvised. It was a lot of fun shooting that scene.

Question: Jodie’s art-show, Bette’s feelings during watching the video installment.

Jennifer said that Bette was embarrassed and humiliated by it.

Question: Bette’s relationship with Jodie, a deaf person vs. Bette’s relationship with Tina, a hearing person.

Jennifer said that it’s difficult to answer this but that it’s not really about deafness but more about the kind of person Jodie was. But yes, their problems did also stem somewhat from Bette’s limited ability to carry out conversations with her in sign language and that it was probably very frustrating to Bette at times not to be able to express her thoughts and feelings more freely to Jodie. Sometimes Jodie just couldn’t hear what Bette was saying… and then Jennifer said that of course there were moments where Tina probably wished she couldn’t hear what Bette was saying And throwing Tina into the mix made the situation even more complicated. And Laurel was like, I didn’t do anything! You grabbed my wrist and kissed me, remember! And Jennifer replied that Bette was only reading Tina’s mind

Question: The Shebar kiss scene, how much was scripted, how much was improvised?

Jennifer said that the crying wasn’t scripted, it was just something that happened when they were filming the scene. Originally the scene was supposed to be more about sex, physical attraction that they just couldn’t deny anymore. But when they started filming it, then it became clear to both of them that it was about something much, much deeper than just sex, there were a lot of emotions and memories just bubbling to the surface and it was really just about Bette realizing how deeply she missed Tina.
So in the middle of that scene when Jennifer/Bette started sobbing, Laurel said that she just went with the moment and so Tina comforted Bette, Tina was the strong one there. That moment was really the beginning of equality between Bette and Tina as individuals.
For Laurel that scene was just an incredible high, she said that it’s something you strive for as an actress, when you get so into the character and scene that it all just comes naturally to you without much conscious thought and she just felt an incredible rush acting opposite Jennifer in that scene, who gave her so much to work with and she just took her cue from Jennifer when Bette started sobbing and went along with it. It was a very emotional scene to do.

They both also talked about the dysfunctions in Bette and Tina’s relationship and how they had begged Ilene to give them a scene where they could really process some of their issues. After seasons 3 and 4 Jennifer and Laurel were both really glad to see Bette and Tina becoming friends, Laurel said especially when Tina helped Bette with her relationship with Jodie, it was very selfless. And then Jennifer added that of course Bette then just followed that up with engaging in another affair Jennifer said that she just wished that Bette would have ended her relationship with Jodie first before starting another one with Tina.

They were both really happy when they got the script with the elevator scene, there was finally going to be a real discussion between Bette and Tina. Laurel said that she was really glad that Tina got to apologize for some of the things that she had done and that she just utterly loved Bette’s line – it feels like I’m coming home.

Question: The toughest scene that you have done on The L Word.

Both said season 1 finale, The Scene after Tina gets betrayed seeing Bette touching hands with the carpenter. The way Laurel said – the carpenter – came out so disgustedly, it was really funny and the audience was of course booing They talked about how Tony Goldwyn filmed that scene without any breaks and they just had to do a 7-8 minute long really deeply emotional scene that was utterly draining and then you didn’t get to take a break but had to go again right away. And Laurel said that the part of the scene where Tina flips Bette over on the bed was so difficult because Jennifer is so incredibly strong and she tried and tried and just couldn’t do it. So finally she just asked Jennifer – please let me flip you over! And Jennifer was like, oh! So that’s real effort you see in that scene

Question: A girl from Ireland asked Jennifer about her Irish roots.

Jennifer said that she does indeed have some Irish roots and even has relatives in Dublin.

Question: Jennifer, what is the coolest item you stole from the set?

Jennifer said that she didn’t steal anything that when she wanted something she just asked politely and of course more often than not was told no! But the thing is that they wanna keep stuff for the movie Jennifer did say that she bought the bike that she rode on during The Pink Ride and that it’s a very cool bike.

Question: Jennifer was asked about the fcukin’ dwarf scene in season 2.

Jennifer said that she had so much fun doing that scene, one of the greatest things about acting is that you get to do some really cool stuff you never would in real life Jennifer said that because she has brothers she has no problem fighting a man The guy who played the dwarf was really awesome and really went with the scene and Bette was just rockin’ it and living out all her frustrations on the poor guy. Jennifer said that sometimes she wishes that she could keep Bette in her back pocket during arguments cause she’s great at them

Question: How Jennifer prepared for the role of Bette?

Jennifer said that the first couple of seasons she prepared really fastidiously but that as time went on it got so much easier to just become Bette and she didn’t have to prepare so much anymore. She talked about the scene in season 1 when Bette comes home after finding out that Tina had miscarried and there are some Provocations protestors on their front lawn. When she read over the scene, the extra playing the female protestor was supposed to start moving away when Bette came out of the house and asked them to leave but when they were shooting it and Jennifer / Bette asked them to leave, the woman didn’t move! Jennifer said that she didn’t know if somebody had just forgotten to tell the extra that she was supposed to move back but she went with it and projected Bette’s feelings and emotions at that moment and started physically pushing the woman to get the hell off her lawn The scene came out great but later she really apologized to the woman for pushing her and apology accepted of course

Question: About filming the sex scenes, how much is scripted and the chemistry between Laurel and Jennifer

Jennifer and Laurel both talked about the physical part of the scenes which are always choreographed pretty much down to the very last detail but on an emotional level, it’s almost never just about sex, a sex scene. There is always a deeper layer, often it’s about hurt or revenge, vulnerability or domination, passion and loss and you have to figure it out for yourself before shooting it to find the best way to project those emotions through physical acts.

They said that the chemistry isn’t really about anything they do on a conscious level themselves, that it’s almost like a third separate entity that just exists between them. They just give 100% to all their scenes and it turns out the way it turns out. Laurel said that the first time she sensed the good connection her and Jennifer have was after filming the pilot scene that came after they had kicked the guy out of the threesome and they were in the camera truck and the director asked oh, do you wanna see it and they were like sure It was a really good scene.

Question: What does Laurel admire most about Tina and Jennifer most about Bette?

Laurel said that she likes that Tina has a lot of patience and kind of a sense of grace about her. She talked about how Tina has changed over the seasons and has become a stronger person both in her personal and professional life and that she really likes that.

Jennifer said that she admires Bette’s tenacity and her loyalty to her friends. Sometimes she also really likes the righteous part of Bette and said that season 6 Bette is the best of all, she laughs a lot more

Question: When you got the part were you aware of the impact the show would eventually have?

Jennifer said that she really had no idea about the impact when she was first approached by Showtime. She talked to both Ilene Chaiken and Rose Troche and all she saw was a great, very complex character, it’s always about the character to Jennifer, she didn’t really think about it being a gay character. But season by season she of course became more and more aware of it.

Then Laurel started talking about how she went to audition for Tina’s part and at first they asked her to try out for the part of Shane. She was like whoa! but did her best, injected a little Randy Dean into it but felt that she wasn’t cool at all And then she tried out for Tina but said that it had been a very awkward audition because she didn’t have a real sense at that point yet who Tina was supposed to be, she was written originally as this more aggressive, kind of a political character.

Then she was asked to come in again for a kind of a coaching meeting with Rose Troche where she had to act out this really weird scene about this couple, both who’s names are Bettina and how they shorten the names to Bette and Tina cause it‘s easier (it was something about showing how many couples there are out there who both have the same first name) and Laurel thought wow! they must think I’m really lousy But Rose Troche told her that are you kidding, they love you for this part or they wouldn’t be doing this and told Laurel to just be herself. So after that Laurel went in for an audition with Ilene and all the bigwigs of Showtime sitting in and had a really great audition.

So a bit later she was called up and told that they have this final thing for Laurel to try out before they decide about the part, Laurel would have to meet her on-screen partner so they could see how they look together and interact… and of course that turned out to be Jennifer Beals.

Jennifer told us about how she was filming a movie at the time and she was called up about a try-out meeting with a couple possible Tina’s. So they arranged for the actresses to come to JB’s movie set and meet with her at her trailer. Jennifer said that when the first actress arrived, she warned her before going into the trailer that she has her dogs with her and that they’re big and can be scary-looking but just to stay calm and then the dogs will be calm too and everything will be fine. But when they entered the trailer the actress saw the dogs and got frightened and screamed so Jennifer had to lock the dogs in another part of the trailer to keep them calm. And the actress kept mumbling smth like… why do we have to do this, this is so stupid, so stupid!
Jennifer said that she did her best to help the actress out because she could see that it was difficult for her and someday she might be in a similar situation and would like the other person to really give her a chance too. But it really wasn’t going too well, like at one point the actress asked what university Jennifer went to and she answered – Yale. And the actress answered kinda snootily (Jennifer did a really funny voice imitation here )… oh, I went to Harvard! I studied psychology. And Jennifer thought to herself… well, obviously you didn’t learn very much

Laurel said that she had been so nervous before going to meet Jennifer and she had had her husband drive her down to the movie set and he told her you’ll do great! So she got to Jennifer’s trailer who also told her about the dogs before going in and she stayed calm and the dogs stayed calm so obviously she passed the dog test And then they just started talking, Laurel had recently gotten married so they talked about their weddings and stuff that goes on in a person’s life around that time and it just felt comfortable talking to each other and not awkward at all. Their conversation was recorded so that Ilene & Co could watch afterwards how they interacted. So Jennifer said that afterwards when she had talked to the producers she said (pointing towards Laurel here) – that’s my vote!

Jennifer said though that it’s not really fair to be hard on this actress because she had obviously been very nervous and probably just wasn’t really sure what to do with herself. Laurel said that the other actress had later told her that she is glad that she didn’t get the part cause she wouldn’t have been comfortable with all that nudity Laurel just got a really cute, kinda smug smile on her face and said – well here I am 6 years later! Enough said!

Question: How was the last day of filming, was there something you did together as a cast when you finished filming?

They both said that they had all finished filming at different times and that Laurel finished earlier than Jennifer and yeah, that they had a kind of a wrap party, well not really a party but everybody just got drunk and stuff was just starting to sink in. And at this point of the Q&A you could see that talking about all of this had really brought back a lot of memories for both Jennifer and Laurel and then Jennifer teared up and said that it is really just now sinking in for her that it’s over and that it feels like a good-bye and she turned to Laurel and said that Laurel is absolutely fearless in acting and that she ultimately makes everyone playing opposite her better and Laurel said that’s how she feels about Jennifer. Then Jennifer really started crying and said that she couldn’t have wished for a better partner and up until now she hasn’t really had a chance to just say thank you. And you could see Laurel’s face crumbling here and then Jennifer got up and Laurel got up and they just hugged each other really, really tight and Jennifer kinda hid her face in Laurel’s neck and Laurel kissed the side of her head and they comforted each other.

That was the end of Saturday’s Q&A and as you can imagine there was a standing ovation by this time in the hall and it was just incredibly intense and emotional to witness that scene on stage. Jennifer and Laurel were both amazing in sharing so much of their emotions with us and I just feel incredibly lucky having been there.






她们也谈到了bette的oct以及tina的关系,和如何去求ic能给她们一个场景去处理好她们的事情.在三季和四季中,jb和lu都希望能看到 bette和tina成为朋友.lu说特别是当tina主动帮助bette和jodi的关系.是多么的无私.jb附和到,当然bette只是又坠入了另一个无法自拔的affair中.jb只是希望bette能先和jodi分手然后和tina开始.

Q:谈一下哪场是你在the l word中最艰苦的戏?
两人异口同声地说是第一季结局.这场景是tina发觉bette可能背叛她,特别是看到bette和木匠拉手后.lu用那种可憎的语气说到木匠这词.这很有意思,所有观众都一片嘘声.她们说到了tony goldwyn希望拍摄不要停顿,他们只是想拍7-8分钟左右的感情戏,是那种象泄愤似的.然后你得不停息地,做重复地动作,为了让它更棒.然后lu说到有个场景是有关tina在床上翻身上bette.这很难因为jb无可思义的壮,她试了一次又一次,但都不行.所以最后她叫jb,请让她翻上去.jb象是说”oh”,然后出来的效果,你们能从电视上看到.


jb说她可没,当她想要什么时,她总会有礼貌地问一下,当然大多数情况下不会说不,但当她想收藏下电视剧的纪念品时,她说她买下了the pink ride里的那辆自行车,那辆车真得很cool.


jb说作为剧中的第一对.她曾一丝不苟地准备,但到扮演时会发现作为Bette会很简单,但是剧中的她却很难准备好处理各种事.她说到第一季的场景,有关 bette回到家找到因为流产而伤心的tina,然而另一些挑衅地抗议者,却站在她家的草坪前.当bette从家里出来,那个客串演员女性抗议者准备要走时,bette要求他们离开.但他们攻击bette,然后bette再次要求对方离开,那个女人没动.jb说她可能没收到通知or不清楚,她需要移回来, 她处在那,作为有强烈保护意识的bette来说,她只会用肢体去把她推出自家草坪,拍摄结果很好,但她很抱歉,去推那个女人,当然对方接受了.

jb和lu都说肢体上的场景,总是事先设计了很多躺倒,到最后细节.但从感情程度来说,这不仅仅是sex,sex scene.是有更深的意义.经常带有受伤和报复性,攻击性or支配性.是激情还是失落是要她们自己去弄清的,然后自已脑子中事先设计好,怎么通过肢体动作让摄象从最好的角度去展现这些情感.
她们自己对于解释之间的化学反应也不是很清楚.只是一种在她们之间存在的第三个实体.她们只是100%地投入,想要的结果就出来了.lu说第一次感觉到, 就是jb拍好pilot(她们被那个男孩踢出3p)的场景,她们来到摄制棚,导演说,oh,你们想看一下吗?他们都很确信这场景拍得真好.


jb说她真得没意识到对自己的影响,当她第一次到showtime.她和ic和rose troche聊了下,是一个很棒,很复杂的角色.她们总是谈着作为演员的jb.她起初并不知道她要演的是一个gay的角色.但一季季后她当然意识到了.
然后lu说,当她回想起再一次来到拖车见rose troche,要她演那对couple尴尬的情景.她们被称作Bettina,以及如何为了容易点把bette和tina名字缩写成那样,(从剧本看,好象为了让更多人知道很多couples是那样的,拥有相同的第一个姓),lu想,他们可能认为偶是真的les.但rose问她是不是开玩笑,她们爱你的角色,她们不会那样做,告诉lu做她自己就行了.然后lu进了有ic和showtime要人坐着的录影棚,试演很成功.
然后不久,打电话过来说,最终决定是否要她演还需要去见见荧屏上的partner jb,看看两人是否合得来,有interact.
lu说她遇到jb前也很紧张,是她老公用车送她来的,并告诉她她很棒.她来到jb的拖车,她又说了一通狗的事,当然她过了狗的那关.然后两人开始聊起来. 当时lu刚刚结婚,她谈到了他们的婚礼,以及那时在人生伟大时刻所发生的所有事.她们谈得很轻松而且一点也不窘.他们的谈话被录了音,从而让 ic&co能够从中观察到她之间的interacted.因此jb说那之后她和制作人说铁定是lu,那就是偶的选票.

她们同时声称她们在不同的时间结束拍摄的.lu比jb早些,她们有 wrap party.然而不是真正的party,但每个人都喝了点酒,有些事情才开始认识到.那时在Q&A你能发现谈论这些实际上让偶们回忆起lu和jb 以前的点点滴滴,于是jb开始哭泣,说现在她也意识到了.结束了,感觉象是再见,然后她转过头向着lu,说lu在表演上毫不畏惧,她只会让对方的演员演得更好.lu说,她觉得jb也如此.然后jb开始哭泣,说她到现在再也找不到象lu那样好的合作伙伴了而自己都没机会和她说声谢谢.你可以看到lu当时是多么感动,然后jb抓住她,lu也抓住jb,她们真地拥抱了,很轻柔,jb把她的脸藏在了lu的颈下,lu吻了下她脸的一边.她们彼此安慰着.(忽然想到最后一场在那个游泳池的那段,还有shebar那段)

星期天下午:part 1

jb附和道,她也是一个正派的木匠 —一个木匠 !(很嘲啊..)
lu说她以前在”all over me”中见过她.当时就觉得很棒.然后当lu进入摄影棚面试,看见leisha在洗手间,就想,不会吧,她也是面试tina的,偶真够霉的…(lu好搞笑啊..)

Q:有人问,为什么当拍stir fry场景时,没有报火警,而当时bette正烧着东西,那些食物后来怎么样了?

Q:bette和jodi在第五季那个throw-down场景时,她是怎么想的呢?(指bette和jodi sex那段)

jb说是的,为什么不呢,如果有好的角色,她相信那个剧会带给她点什么的.因为她如果当时不相信的话,也就不会这六年来献身于此.能在the l word如此出色的剧组中工作后她有点受宠若惊,所以要找到合适的有点难.她们谈论着电视剧,说所有的执行导演,每集拍得都感觉象在拍迷你电影.而拍电影时,导演有时会进来,拿着剧本,要求cut一些他们正拍的东西.她们说到了不同工作层之间的关系.自由地探讨了各个方面,在舞台上当你拍电视剧or电影时,你只是和另一个演员先感觉下之间密切的关系,然后把你们的背景不得不发展成,成为couple的故事线,然后把那个故事线印在你的脑子里,并从自己的角度来考虑,以便能更好的扮演角色.


jb 很cute.她试着弄清被问的是什么,然后说女士们注意到的细节明显比她多,然后lu和rachel试着给她启示,当说到第五季里在jodi家的晚餐,jodi曾让其他人参观了在房顶上的雕塑,而bette和tina在厨房里时,jb忽然叫到是啊,那个雕塑.rachel说那是个video的雕塑.jb说不.bette从来没看到video雕塑直到她参加了Hammer Museum event ,rachel说不是的呀,和那个不同的,先前那个是为了赞扬bette的但后来发现你和tina,为了嘲笑bette就换了一个.jb又一次说不,为什么要把vedio雕塑放在房顶上呢?rachel也搞不明白.然后lu转向观众,说那就是为什么jodi和bette两人就是不来电!这使得大家狂笑.. (lu真得很搞笑..)


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L5 Convention -no.2

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這位 fan 補充了些 Q&A 的東西

Folks have posted great reports on all the boards, so I’m just gonna add in a few extra bits from the Q&A that I haven’t seen anywhere else so far… May include very vague possible spoilers…

許多粉絲都貼了很棒的 L5 實況在各個版上, 所以我只補充一些遺漏的 Q&A… 也許包括了非常模糊但有可能是劇透的東西…

They were asked how they felt about Dana dying and JB said “it sucked” and Laurel agreed, they were not happy with that storyline at all.

她們被問到了對於 Dana 的死有什麼感覺, JB 說 “爛透了”, LH 也有同感, 她們對這個故事線感到非常不開心.

At the meet and greet, Jennifer met a fan from Venezuela who had come over because she feels so isolated and the show has been a massive support to her, and both JB and the Venezuelan girl started crying.

在 meet and greet 時, JB 遇到了一位從委內瑞拉來的飯, 她來這是因為她感覺到被孤立, 而這部戲給了她很大的支持, 然後 JB 和這位委內瑞拉女孩開始哭了起來.

One girl travelled up from Preston (of all places ) on the same train as Laurel and her husband. She asked Laurel if she was indeed Laurel Holloman, and Laurel laughed and said no, before admitting that actually she was

一位從普雷斯頓來的飯剛好與 Lu 及她老公坐同一架火車, 她問 Lu 是不是真的是那位 Laurel Holloman, Lu 在承認前大笑說不是.

Jennifer mentioned that she’d met a fan from Birmingham, Alabama who said the mayor there had forbidden a gay pride march. She talked about this for a while, stopped, thought for a moment and then continued saying she’d now got into “militant mode” and that although she didn’t want to belabour the point, she urged everyone to write to the mayor with their comments/complaints.

JB 提到她遇到一位從阿拉巴馬伯明翰來的 fan 跟她說伯明翰的市長禁止同志遊行. 她討論了這個議題一陣子, 停下來, 想了一下, 然後繼續說她現在處在開戰模式中, 雖然她並不想批評這點, 但她鼓勵大家寫信給這位市長表達觀點.

When they were asked about their husbands and what was the one most special thing they’d ever done for them, Jennifer said it was just the way he was, and immediately teared up and then dabbed at her eyes with her silk scarf. Uber cute . Laurel said it was what her husband did every day, which then then realised had a bit of a double meaning, and started laughing.

她們被問及她們的老公及有什麼是她們老公為她們做過最特別的事時, JB 說就是他待人處事的方式, 然後馬上哭了並拿起她的絲質圍巾輕拭她的眼睛. 超可愛. Lu 說就是她他每天在做的事, 當她意識到這句話有點雙關語的意思時開始笑了起來.

For the morning photo shoot Jennifer had on the same outfit as she had for the afternoon Q&A, although I think she may have put on stockings under her trousers at lunchtime because it was pretty cold. Laurel changed her entire outfit at lunchtime. In the morning she had a green sweater, some sort of scarf, brown cords and scruffy New Balance Sneakers. They both looked uncomfortable during the photo shoot IMO and a lot of people commented on this. They seemed much happier later on stage during the Q&A, and when they were relating their ‘trailer’ stories towards the end of the session and the camera guy was signalling for them to wrap it up, Jennifer said “oh forget that,” and just carried right on with her part of the story.

早上拍照時及下午 Q&A 時 JB 穿著一樣的衣服, 但我猜午餐時她加了長襪在褲子裡, 因為天氣真的很冷. Laurel 在午餐時換下了整套衣服. 早上她穿了綠色毛衣, 圍巾, 咖啡色燈芯絨褲及 New Balance 的運動鞋. 在拍照時, 她們兩個看起來很不舒服我覺得, 且有很多人討論這件事. 在 Q&A 時她們看起來開心多了. 當她們講到她們的’拖車故事’時這個見面會已到尾聲了, 攝影師給了她們一個結束的信號, JB 說 “噢, 不管啦”, 然後繼續講她的故事.

She did a very funny impression of the other actress who was also up for the part of Tina (both Laurel and this actress went to meet Jennifer on location), by flicking her hair around and making out that she was some sort of diva. She was scared of Jennifer’s dogs in the trailer and Jennifer had to shut them away, whereas Laurel was very cool with the dogs who Jennifer said can be “intense” and a bit big and scary. Apparently this other actress said to Jennifer, “so you went to Yale” and Jennifer’s like “yeah” and the other woman says “well I went to Harvard and did psychology” to which Jennifer thought to herself “well you obviously didn’t learn very much”. And then after the Pilot was filmed, Laurel bumped into the same actress who said to her “it’s just as well you got the part, I could never have done all that nudity” to which Laurel laughed and said “yeah, and here I am six years later”, like a big kind of “up yours”. They were both too polite to say who the actress was, but Jennifer then graciously said that being an actress is brutal, you never know where your next job is coming from and that this girl was probably very nervous.

她做了一個很有趣的模仿, 是模仿另一個為 Tina 試鏡的女演員, 她不停拂弄她的頭髮試圖證明她是個大咖. 她嚇到了在 JB 拖車裡的狗, 所以 JB 必須把狗關在車外. 相反的, Laurel 跟 JB 說的可能會很緊張很嚇人的大狗處的非常好. 當這位女演員對 JB 說 “你是耶魯的”, JB回她 “是啊”, 女演員說 “我是哈佛的, 我唸心理學”, JB 在心裡想說 “看來你學的不太好”. 在拍完 Pilot 之後, Laurel 恰巧遇到這位也去為 Tina 試鏡的女演員, 這女演員對 Lu 說 “幸好你得到了這個角色, 那些裸露的床戲我永遠做不來”, Laurel 笑著說 “是啊, 我還做了六年呢” 有種對這女演員相當不以為然的意味. 她們都很禮貌的不提這位女演員的名字, 但 JB 寬容的說做為一個女演員是很難受的, 你永遠不知道你的下一份工作在哪, 這位女孩可能很緊張吧!

She also said that Bette laughs a lot more in S6. But she was massively irritated by the way Bette kept having affairs in previous seasons. Rachel seemed surprised when asked if anyone dies in S6.

她還提到 Bette 在 S6 中多了很多笑容, 但她對 Bette 前幾季的劈腿很不開心. Rachel 對於被問到在 S6 中是否有人死時感到驚訝.

Jennifer also said she loved that scene with the car accident guy (the “f***ing dwarf” scene) and that she’d had such a laugh with that guy, and that she loved to do stuff like that, behaving in a way that she never would in real life. She then said that she’d love to have Bette in her back pocket for next time she gets into an argument with someone.

JB 還提到她很喜歡那場車禍的戲, 她和那個男的還笑場了, 她很喜歡拍這樣的戲, 做一些在現實生活中她絶不會做的事. 她說她會很想把 Bette 放在她的口袋裡在遇到跟某些人有爭論的時候.

Both were asked what they were going to do now, and Jennifer said she had absolutely no idea, while Laurel said she was “going to sleep late”. Jennifer laughed and said “you’re so not going to sleep late!”

Lu 跟 JB 都被問到她們目前打算做什麼, JB 說她完全沒有任何想法, Lu 說 “打算敖夜” JB 笑著說 “你才不會敖夜咧!”

I’ll be back with more if I think of anything else . They were both AMAZING!!

如果我有想到其他任何東西我會回來補充. 她們倆真的太棒了!!

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L5 Convention的消息-1

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另一位粉絲的 report

Credit to TK4BP from l-word.com

以下是以 TK4BP 的語氣翻譯

今天我見到 JENNIFER 和 LAUREL 了!!!!!!!!!


Ok the convention was amazing, like B&TF said, the Q&A with Jennifer and Laurel was really good, very emotional at the end, I think a lot of people were crying.
The reception they got last night when they first walked out on stage was amazing. Laurel came out first and she got a huuuuge round of applause, she was like SHIT!!
Then she said something along the lines of ‘my good friend Bette Porter is here!!!’ and everyone went crazy. When JB came out literally everyone ran to the front of the stage, it was pretty incredible. She got quite choked up by it and said that they have THE BEST FANS!!!!! and she said that her very good friend Laurel Holloman had assured her not to worry because she was amongst friends

這個聚會太棒了, 就像 B&TF 說的, JENNIFER 和 LAUREL 的 Q&A 非常棒, 近尾聲時充滿了情緒化, 我想有許多人都哭了. 當她們在昨晚的招持會上出現時很令人驚喜, Laurel 先出場且得到了非常多非常大的掌聲, 她出現了一付 “天哪” 的樣子. 然後當她說 ‘我的好朋友 Bette Porter 就在現場!!!’ 所有的人都瘋狂了起來. 當 JB 出瑒時所有人都衝到舞台前, 十分驚人. 她哽咽的說他們有最好的粉絲!!!! 又說她非常要好的朋友 Laurel Holloman 向她保證過不須要擔心因為在她周圍的都是朋友.

Ok, so today I had my pic done with Jennifer and Laurel. Everyone was reaaaally excited and nervous to see them up close. They showed up quite late and when they did walk in the room I think everyone was totally star-struck. They just seem to have this presence about them, it’s kind of indescribable. Jennifer looked really shy and nervous at all the people, but she looked GORGEOUS! She was wearing the outfit she’s wearing in the pics with Laurel. Laurel was really casual, in combats and trainers but still looked great. Then they sat down on chairs and each guest had to sit on a chair in between them for the photo. It was kinda weird, would have preferred to be standing but I guess they would have had to stand for about 2 hours!! It was amaaaaazing being that close to them, even if it was for about 5 seconds! They both said hi to you and then I said thank you to them both and they said you’re welcome and gave me a nice smile! They did look quite nervous though I must admit, especially Jennifer.

今天我和 Jennifer and Laurel 照了象. 每個人都很興奮又緊張的看著她們一起出現在眼前. 她們出場的很晚, 當她們走進會場時, 我想每個人都被她們的風采迷住了. 好像她們天生就有這樣的氣質, 相當難以形容. Jennifer 在人群中看起來很害羞及緊張, 但她看起來非常美麗. 她的穿著可在她與 Laurel 的合照中看到, Laurel 的穿著呈現休閒風, 但看起來很棒. 她們在她們的位子上坐定, 每位來賓坐在她們中間以便照象. 感覺很怪, 站著似乎比較好, 但我猜這一站大概要 2 個鐘頭. 如此近距離地坐在她們中間的感覺太美妙了, 即使只有 5 秒鐘的時間! 她們會跟你打招呼, 然後我向她們說謝謝, 她們回我不客氣並對著我微笑, 但我必須說她們真的看起來很緊張, 特別是 Jennifer.

In the Q&A they both seemed a lot more relaxed. I’ll try and remember as much as I can, hope it makes sense!!!

在 Q&A 時, 她們似乎放鬆了許多. 我會試著儘我所能的記起所有事情, 希望它讀起通順.

Of course they got an amazing applause when they came out, everyone was practically fighting to get closer. Someone asked Jennifer to do some of the ‘moans’ from VDay and to get Laurel to help her!! She did the African American one, which was really funny, then Laurel did her own version of it which was hilarious! She said ‘ahhhhhhh Goddamn’! Jennifer got asked a lot about politics and about the work she does for charities and she said that even though America has elected Obama, there is till so much work to be done and we can all help to make a change and fight for what is right. She talked about gay rights and how we should all protest against discrimination.

不意外的她們一出現就得到了許多的掌聲, 每個人都爭著想靠近她們. 有個人要求 Jennifer 表演 VDay 上的 ‘呻吟’ 並請 Laurel 協助她!! 她做了美藉非裔的那一個, 那真的很有趣, 然後 Laurel 以她自己的方式表演了一個很好笑的 ‘呻吟’! Laurel 的表演: 「啊..啊..啊~~~~ 天哪」! Jennifer 被問了許多關於政治及慈善工作的問題. 她回答說很多美國人都選歐巴馬, 且還有很多需要被實現的事情要做, 而我們可以幫忙做些改變並為對的事情爭取出頭的機會. 她提到了同志議題及我們應該反對歧視.

OK on to the Tibette stuff…..
When asked about their chemistry…Jennifer said she felt really connected with Laurel when they act together and that people always comment on their chemistry! This bit was was really funny, she said she doesn’t walk into a room and see Laurel and immediately go ‘oooh chemistry!’. She said the thing they have between them is like an entity, that is beyond them and is just simply there, they can’t explain it!! Laurel said the first time they realised their chemistry was watching a playback of the pilot scene (the love scene) and she said she realised then that she was a part of something special. Laurel said she loved working with Jennifer because they are both so committed to creating a fantastic story for their characters and Jennifer gives her a lot of emotion to work with. They talked about the first time they met in the trailer and how Laurel was really at ease with Jennifer’s dogs and they talked about their weddings and started crying. And they talked about the other woman who was auditioning for Tina who JB didn’t really like but was trying to be fair to…it was quite funny, she was saying how the woman was scared of her dogs and how she thought it was stupid that they had to be filmed chatting. JB said that after Laurel left the trailer she said to Rose Troche ‘I know who gets my vote’ (awwwww).

好了, 接著是 Tibette 的相關問題…. 在提到她們之間的化學反應時, Jennifer 說她感覺與 Laurel 是一體的當她們在對戲時, 而大家一直將之歸為她們的化學反應.這是非常有趣的片刻, 她說她並不是在走進房間看到 Laurel 的那一剎那就感覺到 ‘噢~~~ 有化學反應!’. 她說存在她們之間的是一種屬性的物質存在, 那是超越了她們能理解的東西, 就這樣存在在那裡, 她們無法解釋這現象. Laurel 說她們第一次感覺到這種化學變化時, 是在她們觀看她們在 pilot 裡的 love scene 時, 她還說她頓時感覺到她是某種特別的東西的一部份. Laurel 說她非常喜歡與 Jennifer 一起合作, 因為她們都很努力在為她們的角色創造一個美好的故事, 而 Jennifer 提供了充分的工作情緒. 她們提到了她們在Jennifer 的拖車中的初次會面, Laurel 是如何輕鬆的與她的狗兒們相處, 並談論她們的婚禮時哭了. 然後她們談到了另一個女人為 Tina 試鏡時 JB 並不喜歡但還是很公平的對待她, 那十分有趣, 她說那個女人很怕她的狗, 而且她覺得聊天的情形還要拍攝下來實在很蠢. JB 說在 Laurel 離開她的拖車後她對 Rose Troche 說 ‘我知道該把票投給誰了’

The kiss in Shebar- Laurel said this was one of her favourite scenes ever because it showed the real truth between the characters. JB said it originally read as more of a sexual scene in the script but when they did it, all these emotions came to the surface and they just went with it. Like her crying wasn’t scripted. Laurel said it was amazing when Jennifer does something like that and she gets to play off it. JB said this scene shows how they have become equal in their relationship and that Bette realises just how much she misses Tina and everything that goes with it.
Laurel started joking around about the kiss scene, saying it was all Bette and not Tina who made the kiss happen and how Tina was just sitting in the bar having a drink and then SOMEONE (looking at JB) grabbed her arm! Then JB just goes….Bette was just reading Tina’s mind! It was really cute.

在 Shebar 中的那場吻戲 – Laurel 說這是她最愛的場景之一因為這場戲展現了兩個角色間最真實的真情. JB 說在原來的劇本中這是一場含性慾的戲, 但當她們詮釋時, 所有的情緒在那時浮出表面, 而她們只是隨著情緒走, 像她的哭戲並不在劇本裡. Laurel 說那很棒, 當 JB 這樣做時她會跟著改變演法. JB 說這場戲表現出她們在她們的關係中已在對等地位, 而 Bette 發覺到她有多麼想念 Tina 及所有隨之而來的東西. Laurel 開始開玩笑說都是 Bette 挑起這個吻的, 不是 Tina 起的頭, Tina 只是坐在 bar 前喝酒, 然後某人(看著 JB)抓住她的手腕! JB 就回說, Bette 只是看透了 Tina 的心意! 真的很好玩.

The hardest scene they ever had to do was the sex scene at the end of season 1. They kept the camera rolling and they said it was physically and emotionally draining. Laurel said that Jennifer is SO physically strong that she literally couldn’t flip her over!! Haha. And she had to say to JB ‘let me flip you over!!!!’. When they mentioned the carpenter she got a huge boo of course!

最困難的一場戲是第一季的最後一場床戲. 他們讓攝影機不停轉動, 他們說那是一體力與情緒的損耗. Laurel 說 JB 的身材肌肉非常的壯所以她完全無法翻到她上頭去(對…就是騎上去的意思)!! 哈哈, 所以她必須對 JB 說 ‘讓我翻上去’. 當她們談到木匠時想當然耳的響起超大噓聲!

More to come….

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Dancing-Tibette ,my love.

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